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A Crisis Looms

See The Truth!

Lightstreaked in tenderness and syntaxed with a radiant humanity,
loveanddarkness's blog is a great blog of our time.
Her imperishable words caress, and sing over bones.
Bones wrapped in disappearances, felt in haunting absences.
As in a line Neruda once wrote, Kim cups her hands around the
live coal of life..... "
--- adapted from Eric Zorn's hilarious send up of Dionne Brand's review of
Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost.

"loveanddarkness's blog exhibits the worst English that I have ever encountered. It reminds me of a string of wet sponges; it reminds me of tattered washing on the line; it reminds me of stale bean soup, of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights. It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it. It drags itself out of the dark abysm of pish, and crawls insanely up the topmost pinnacle of posh. It is rumble and bumble. It is flap and doodle. It is balder and dash.".... again, snurched from Eric Zorn's spoof on H.L. Mencken's assessment of Warren G. Harding.

The WeatherPixie

Make a dolly avatar here
but until she adds the function, as promised, you have
to save it by using a screen capture function
and an imaging program. It's cool.
I have a tiger. Squee!

The Stones


Hold down "CTRL" when clicking the Led Zep image above
if you want a media player to open up and play some great tunes.
C'mon you know you need some Zep in your day!

Iron Jawed Angels

Julia Ormond: The Undefinitive Page

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